Missing all programs, desktop icons, bookmarks......

I'm running windows vista home premium. I just recently updated firefox to a newer version then noticed that some firefox extensions did not work with the new version. So i figured i'd uninstall these extensions that didn't work. The first one i uninstalled, HP smart web printing, ended up taking things with it. So now i'm missing everything in my "all programs" in the start menu, some desktop icons, all my bookmarks and who knows what else.

I've attempted restoring to a previous restore point, some restorations have failed and some made no changes at all.

Any help at all is welcome.
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  1. You may have to manually restore them by dragging the exe.file of each program(in C:Program files)to your start/all programs. This will put a shortcut back there
  2. have you tried restarting your computer?
  3. I resolved my issue by reinstalling the OS from the recovery drive. I lost some data but nothing not easy to replace. I would have recreated the shortcuts but out of the 40-60 things on my all programs list i would have never got them all. Plus i was unsure of what else i did that i just hadn't discovered yet. Besides i figured a clean OS install was overdue.

    and yes lazyperson17 i have "tried restarting my computer", guess what? It didn't help. That's why i post my question here.
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