Hello all,

My bandwidth during downloads used to be 1.40-1.66 MB/s during downloads and it dropped to 100-240 KB/s. Can anyone tell me why this happened

I have OOL
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  1. are you download from the same sites? Also try dsl speed test sites. That should give you an accurate reading of dl'ing speed.
  2. ive used a couple dsl speedtest all with the same speed of around 15MB/s and usually when downloading something i'll have 1.4-1.5MB/s but it's dropped to those speeds of 100-240KB/s.
  3. I'm not sure if this is possible, but it could be that your ISP is shaping your downloads, but not the reports. That could explain the low rates when downloading. Contact your ISP and find out if they have shaped your account when downloading for some reason.
    Also, what are you downloading? Torrents, P2P?
  4. no regular direct downloads, i know torrent download bandwidths can vary drastically due to many variables so i try not to use them.
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