Recovery console only sees D drive

I used Symantec Ghost 2003 on my xp sp2 pc to try and create an image on a spare drive. So after I config'd it to image the C: drive onto the (then) G: drive, it rebooted, but hung on a blank Symantec screen with an hourglass. I reboot, it keeps going to PC Dos...then same blank screen, if I try "return to windows" I get a cursor on a black screen. I tried putting the XP inst. cd and going to Recovery Console, but it says D:\Windows and not c:\windows. I tried fixmbr and it says the mbr is corrupted, so I hit Y and it says it fixed it, but it stil trys to boot to PC Dos (the ghost stub) and will not go into normal windows, even when doing F8 and specifiying the correct physical disk that *was* my C: drive (Sata 1). What can I do to get out of this mess? Thanks
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  1. Ok I fixed it. I physically removed the disk from my machine and tethered it to my son's machine.

    Then went into disk management snapin and deleted the ghost partition, then set my original, real partition as Active and put it back in my machine and I'm back in business.
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