Internet Droping Every 10 Mins.

I'm having very,very,very troublesome internet issues. My wireless internet is dropping every 10-15 minutes for a good minute. Most of the time (90%) it reconnects by its self. The other 10% of the time, it says that my computer can not remake an IP.
There is nothing in the even viewer that appears when my internet drops. .
I trued using windows settings for my wireless, and net gear settings.
I tried changing the USB which I use my wireless adapter.
I tried unplugging the wireless adapter/modem/router, waiting a few seconds/mins, then replugging it.
I took down my firewall. I put back up my firewall.
I forwarded the ports on which I use for gaming.
I tried using a static ip/automatic ip.
I tried ipconfig /release + ipconfig /renew
There is no 2.4ghz phones around.
I use a Net Gear WGR614v6 router, and a Net Gear MA111 wireless adapter.
My ISP is Road Runner.
My router connects to three computers -
1. My brother's computer (connected via Ethernet cable)
2. My computer (connected via wireless adapter)
3. My sister's laptop (occasionally she comes over (connected via her laptop's embedded wireless card))
Please, Please! If anyone can help me out, I would be forever in your debt.
Cheers, Dennis.
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  1. hey mate....Im a technitian from INDIA....I have seen ur prob today..itself and I know that u posted this wayback....but this resolution could help someone else Im posting the answer...
    Just turn off the power saving option in the network adapters section;;;;
    this should resolve the issue....99%
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