Help on ASUS P5VD2-X, Core2Duo E6300, and 1gb Single Ram

Please advise me on how to overclock my new but basic PC.

I have been reading and reading, however, I have yet to get a good advice on this build and gain more confidence to go ahead and try. I have never tried overclocking but want to learn.


MOBO: Asus P5VD2-X
Proc: Core2Duo E6300 (1.86Ghz)
RAM: 1GB UNB PC-5300/667Mhz CL5 (single channel); Apacer Technology
Cooling: (1) Intel Stock Cooling + (1) Chassis Fan
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 7300 LE
Disk: 250GB Seagate

**I already have installed: CoreTemp, Speedfan, and CPUIZ for monitoring.

Awaiting someone's kind help,

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