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I am thinking of trying to perform malware removal in my area. Basically charge a service for malware removal on anyone's computer. The issue I have is what software is good enough to handle the job to remove latest threats and clean any malware left on the HDD/SSD. The local shops charge about 60 dollars a pop for removal. I feel like charging 30 a pop. Can you help me?

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  1. Basically, it is impossible for me to do such a thing.

    What can I do as for computer repair?
  2. dogman_1234 said:
    Basically, it is impossible for me to do such a thing.

    What can I do as for computer repair?

    When people have to pay, it takes time to repair and u don't make money. You would give free advice to most people.

    But everything would be, how well u could present yourself to do the job. There are legal issues with software policies and they might ask for proof of insurance.

    But to do it as a hobby, u can make some money, but u would have to advertise somehow and get referrals from past customers. Even if u are smart all around, it doesn't cash in automatically.

    Example: Here on the Tom's Hardware forum, u help other people and u will not get even BA for it, and it's free and they get a reminder in the @mail too. People don't see things the way u do. If it's their kids PC, or the family PC, and they can live without it, they will not call. And people who need it, they will take it to the store, some will check it for free, like the office depot where I live. I have seen signs on the front of the store.

    Sometimes u would deal with people that cannot make a decision, because they are not the owners, or don't simply have the money to fix it and they will not tell u a reason why. And even if fix things around the place where u live, where do u go next? And people know, if u work in this, that u need to have a permit for each city to work at, so they would even try to get out of paying u.
    There is a lot of thinking to be done, but as a hobby, it is fun.

    Don't let me to discourage you. I am sure others will chip in too : )
  3. Its easier to do both than just one. But it is not easy to start if u don't know everything, but there is always first step in everything.
  4. Why would anyone pay for Malware removal when McAfee Stinger does it for free and you have THF to guide people to use Stinger?

    Think of some other better things to charge money. PC assembling is a far better thing. Many people dont know anything about that. All you need is a screw driver.
  5. hell_storm2004 said:
    Why would anyone pay for Malware removal?

    If the people have AV running and still get a virus and PC cannot connect to the internet now, do u think they know that they have a virus? Or how to remove it? : )
  6. People are willing to pay for these services!
  7. My advice, is not to setup a licensed store. The taxes would ruin anything you might make. Just get the word out by word of mouth. Maybe do a few for family and friends. The word will spread. After a little while, people will be coming to you, because they've heard from a friend where they can get it done a little cheaper.

    It's not a big money maker, but you can make some spending $$, and learn some things in the process. If you're not even sure what programs to use, let alone how to use them, it's probably best to start slow anyway.
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