Windows XP will not start, Windows 2000 trying to run.

I have a PC that was running Windows 2000 Professional. I upgraded to Windows XP about 6 months ago. PC and operating system have been running fine. About a week ago I started getting intermitant INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE stop errors. There has been no hardware changes and there are no viruses on the PC. This error appears after the machine is idle for several hours.
I turn off the PC and turn it on and it is trying to start Windows 2000. The F8 menu is for Windows 2000, the splash screen is for Windows 2000 and then I get the stop error again, probably because it is trying to load Windows 2000 which was replaced 6 months ago with Windows XP. I ran chkdsk. It found errors. Ran chkdsk until it ran clean. Shutdown system. Restarted PC and still have the problem as originally described. The PC is trying to start Windows 2000. This problem is pretty unbelievable. (Should I do a repair install?)
Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks.
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    Try with this, i read in another thread and works fine.

    Open "System Recovery Options" on the repair disk, or OS disk.
    Open up the Command Prompt.Try typing the following commands in order:

    1- bootrec /fixmbr and hit enter
    2- bootrec /fixboot and hit enter
    3- bootrec /rebuildbdc and hit enter
  2. Thank you for your help.
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