New Dell 24 2407WFP-HC ?

So... I'm on Dells website and I see two 24 inches. It looks like they have the 2407WFP and the 2407WFP-HC.

Does anyone know if theres a difference between these 2 monitors or heard any news? I've been waiting for a dell 24 that would be full HDCP.

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  1. The difference between the two is that the Dell 2407WFP-HC's monitor supports widecolor gamut of 92% compared to 72% of most typical LCD monitors, including the older 2407WFP.

    92% color gamut offers "truer color", but it may look weird to people who are used to seeing 72% color gamut. The wide color gamut were originally for professional level LCDs for graphic artist, but the technology has finally started to filter down into the consumer market level.

    Click the following link for some screen shots the shows the difference between the two monitors.

    Oh, the difference is only $10.
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