How to make a dvd from an mp4 movie

I have an mp4 movie I want to make into a dvd for playing on a dvd player.
how do i do this?
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  1. Try a free DVD Flick, open source soft. As good as the commercial ones or better.

    DVD Flick aims to be a simple but at the same time powerful DVD Authoring tool. It can take a number of video files stored on your computer and turn them into a DVD that will play back on your DVD player, Media Center or Home Cinema Set. You can add additional custom audio tracks, subtitles as well as a menu for easier navigation.

    Burn near any video file to DVD
    Support for over 45 file formats
    Support for over 60 video codecs
    Support for over 40 audio codecs
    Easily add a menu
    Add your own subtitles
    Easy to use interface
    Burn your project to disc after encoding
    Completely free without any adware, spyware or limitations
  2. Try use ffmpeg, its command line tool and free for use.

    ffmpeg -i source_video.avi -target pal-dvd -ps 2000000000 -aspect 16:9 finale_video.mpeg
    Explanations :
    target pal-dvd : Output format
    ps 2000000000 maximum size for the output file, in bits (here, 2 Gb)
    aspect 16:9 : Widescreen

    also try google "mp3 to dvd' there are a lot of online services and offline software
  3. You can use DVDfab - - it's not free. I have seen it recommended many times in various posts.
    Another one you can try is Nero 12 Platinum ($109.99) -
    A third option would be to convert the mp4 movie to a different format such as .avi using MPEG Streamclip ( or Handbrake ( and then use Windows DVD Maker to create the DVD. MPEG Streamclip, Handbrake, and Windows DVD Maker are free downloads.
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