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Just curious... TV on TV/monitor thru cable modem lan

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April 6, 2008 3:32:14 PM

I have a LCD monitor/TV with built in TV tuner (obviously), using it for my computer but wanted to know if there's any way to send the TV signal through the cable modem, through the wireless router(not wireless tho, through ethernet cable), and through the desktop computer into the monitor/TV by some type of configurating or software? I already have the cable split once to go to my 27" actual TV in my room so I don't really want to split it again. Just wondering if this was possible without having extra cables and possible reduced internet bandwidth.

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April 11, 2008 2:02:13 PM

Ok, so you are wanting to pipe a cable TV signal over ethernet? That would require a lot of expense and effort. You might be better served by getting a quality splitter, like a channelvision product, and putting a quality amp at your cable entrance. If your concerned about signal leakage, you could always get a bag of terminators to cap off unused jacks on the amp and splitter as well. Thoughts?

April 11, 2008 3:23:55 PM

its possible, but its ahrdly doable. And depending on the quality of the video feed you wanna put it, you might not have enough bandwidth to start with.

There is a solution, but will be a bit complicated. lemme get this straight.

Youll need : A Tv Card
: Linux
: VMware Server

Im doing something "similar", but ill tell you, its not easy or quick. if i where you ill just split it again.
April 11, 2008 3:41:58 PM

True Radnor, a mediapc would work for this, but learning curve is indeed steep.

Using a Windows box, you could do a live TV feed using GBPVR and a TV card, a PVR150 from Hauppage would be the cheapest, then using a MediaMVP or PopCorn hour media player to display the TV on the TV in the bedroom. Still, there is $$$$ involved, and I could buy 5-or-6 tanks of gas with what you would have to spend.

MediaMVP - ~40-80.00 USD
PopCorn Hour - ~ 170.00 USD

PVR150 tv card - ~100.00 USD
GBPVR Software - free