Connection Loss from Service provider's Hotspot!

Hi, i run a USRobotics 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter on Xp SP-3. I connect to a wireless hotspot which is somewhere within 150 yard range of my window, where the adapter is fixed. Ive been having trouble with the connection, as it drops (the adapter is still connected to the hotspot, but it doesnt transmit anymore) every couple of minutes, and i have to repair the connection, and log back in to the service provider's hotspot. Ive read somewhere that disabling Wireless Zero Configuration can help, and it did, but now, the drops occur less frequently, but they still do occur.
Drivers are fine, range is Very good- Excellent, just had the wireless adapter's coding reconfigured by the supplier, so it cant be that.
Any help with the matter would be appreciated!
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  1. Most likely reception/interference issues.

    See if you can find info on improving directionality of your wireless adapter -- I've found that a a block of non-ferrous metal behind the antenna of my PCI adapter got rid of some interference.

    If you Google you'll probably find suggestions like using foil lined cardboard tubes (Pringles snack pack is popular) and even a cooking wok to create a directional antenna from a USB unit.
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