Help to get my hp with XP to see all of my 2GB mem

I have had to reinstall windows XP Pro on my HP laptop after a virus rendered even the backup image useless. Now after reformatting and reinstalling XP and all of the correct drivers from the hp website it only recognizes 256MB out of 2GB which came installed in the computer when new. I did a scan and it says that all 2GB is there, but windows only sees 256mb, please someone help!
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  1. Onboard video?
  2. My graphics card is an nvidia GeForce Go 7600 with I believe 256mb on it. I am running XP pro service pack 3. The laptop is an HP DV8000 with intel duo core 2.00GHz and a 80GB hdd. Computer was ordered direct from HP in early 2006 to be configured to run CAD applications. (Good for the time is was purchased) 17" display.
    I hope this will help with an answer. Also, it came with 2GB memory installed when purchased.
  3. I have also ran a chkdsk and checked for the boot.ini in msconfig which does not exist. Other things I have checked are the bios at startup which I do not even see any settings for memory at any size?! I have also tried to boot in safe mode with no luck. I don't know what else to try at this point? I would rate myself as a novice level with computer skills and have usually figured out everything I needed in the past, but this one is a real problem.
  4. If you bring up Task Manager and go to the performance tab... what does it say under Physical Memory (specifically the amount under Total)?
  5. First thank you for response. Second I worked with the HP tech for about an hour and he suggested that I triy to run the set of recovery disks I have or reload the OS as nothing we tried fixed the issue. So I took his advice and backed up everything and did a recovery and after about 8 hours I am up and running just like new.
    The funny thing is when I got the virus before and had to run the recovery disks they didn't work, but this time it did work. No reason that I can understand why it didn't work before except the virus was not allowing it to work.

    Thank you.
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