Wifi Not working!! PLs help !! Urgent!!?

Hi all , need ur help here . i was helping my friend reformat his laptop ( Lenovo g230) running on Vista Ultimate . After i reformat i download all the drivers from lenovo & install . I did restart before i try on the drivers , but wifi wasn't working , i checked on device manager An unknown device Under "Other device" hv a exclamation mark beside it . Can any experts here advise what i can do ?

Thanks in advanced!!
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  1. Does the wireless network card show (or is that the "unknown device"). If it does show then I wouldn't worry, for the time being, about the unknown. If it doesn't then you clearly didn't download all drivers. Do you know what chipset the wireless card is?
  2. Intel chipset?
  3. Looking at the Lenovo Website, this model came with either an Intel wireless card or a Broadcom one. It may be that you have downloaded the incorrect driver. Download both from here and see if either of them workds.
  4. i downloaded and installed all my drivers including the wireless card from the link u hv given me.
  5. Just to clarify - have you tried the Broadcom wireless card as well as the Intel one?
  6. opps , i guess i understand wat u trying to tell me . Yup , i overlooked and install both broadcom & intel wlan card ... hahaha now i removed the broadcom lan card , but when i restarted my laptop , i was prompt to install a network controller. I was thinking of removing the intel wlan card & install the broadcom wlan card , but i couldn't find the intel wlan card in remove program ... wat to do now , i am getting confused... :(
  7. I would just try installing the Broadcom driver again. It shouldn't really matter that the Intel driver is also installed. When that's done, have a look in Device Manager to see whether the card appers under "Network Adapters". If it does, without an exclamation mark, then it should be working so if you still have a problem it is not a driver issue.
  8. hv installed the broadcom card , but still wifi does not connect . System prompt "window cannot detect any networks."
  9. Have a look at this article and see if anything helps.

    Edit: Just another thought - many laptops have a switch to disable/enable the network card. You might want to check if this is the case with yours. (Last time I had a problem with the mousepad not working on a laptop it turns out it was just switched off.)
  10. Hv checked wifi button on ... :(
  11. You haven't said yet whether the wireless card shows up in Device Manager (under "Network Adapters"). It it does, have a go at setting the connection up manually as described here.
  12. so sorry , i missed tat out , yes it did show up in network adaptor , but then when i tried to set up the connection manually as per describe in your reply i can't . When i try to click on "connect to ", sys prompt me " Windows cannot find any network ." Pls , pls , pls help me ... thanks
  13. I really don't know what else to suggest. But you could try switching your wireless router off and on again.
  14. :( , oh... Anyway thanks for your help!!
  15. Hey i hv managed to make the wifi work!! by reformating the whole os & installing the drivers again. But got another problem , can get the chinese interface to work. i used to use NJstar but now it doesn't work in vista ... wat to do??
  16. I'm glad you've got the WiFi working but I'm afraid that Chinese is a little beyond my capabilities.
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