Youtube forward rewind

how can I control Youtube keys forward and rewind?
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  1. With the mouse.
  2. i know that, but for me as a blind: what to do
  3. There are 2 ways that I will tell u about. First is paid professional program for $179.

    Dragon Premium that gives you complete voice control of your digital world. Turn ideas into text at the speed of thought. Tell your PC what to do and it does it.

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  4. And second is a Speech Recognition build in the Windows 7, so its free but more limited.

    Here is "What can I do with Speech Recognition?"

    Its located in tis path Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Speech Recognition

    More here,

    Feel free to ask if anything comes to your mind : )

    Good luck!
  5. My instruction is for if you are using Internet Explorer 9.

    You have to first select the buttons controlling the flash video being played. You can do that by using Tab and Shift + Tab.

    Tab is to select the next and Shift + Tab is to select the previous item on the web page. I think you already know that. But still, just in case you haven.

    Once the video play progress bar is selected, use left arrow to rewind and right arrow to fast forward. Space bar is pause.

    You can also control volume of the video. But this time you use the Tab to select the volume control first, then use the up and down arrow key to adjust the volume.

    I hope my description contains enough detail and make sense for you to navigate to where you have to select.
  6. dear pyree I apreciate that so much
    but You know that we use jaws 11 as a best screen reader and it reads all what we need in the page except few things which don't make it necessary to leave jaws
    so i want to solve such problems withen jaws as i don't want to loose it
  7. I don't understand.

    JAWS 11 is a program to read the words out loud right?

    I don't see why you are concern about losing JAWS 11 when using that with your default browser Internet Explorer 9.

    Or does JAWS 11 includes a web browser?

    Even if JAWS 11 includes a web browser and you use it instead of Internet Explorer 9, the keys used to control the playback, I imagined, will still be the same since it will still be using flash player to play the video.

    I just use Internet Explorer 9 as an example because it is the default web browser in Window 7.
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