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I just turned on my pc and i opened up smartguardian to check the temp. My cpu is at 31c pwmic which I don't know what it stands for was at 47c but now at 41c, and my chipset which I think is my mobo fan, but i'm not to sure was at 52c. Since it's over 50c the smartguardian was beeping because it was overheating. I don't know why it's getting so hot. All the fans are working in my case. It is warm in my house, about almost 90f. But I never had any heating issues before when it was warm in my house. I got it to stop beeping because I have this huge fan blowing in my case right now to keep it cooler. Is this normal or is it something wrong with the fan? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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  1. Using a window fan like you have is how I test case cooling.
    The temps you get with the window fan are the best case temps you can get. If you get lower temps with a window fan, in theory, by adding more, bigger, or faster fans you can lower case temp close to the temps when running the window fan, but not any lower.
    If you have a room temp of 90f your computer is going to run close to 10 degrees hotter than if the room temp is 80f. When it is 90f my P3 2800 , and my overclocked Barton runs close to 50c . when it is 65f they run in the high 30c
  2. Please post full system spec to help us help you! With power disconnected, check that chipset heatsink is firmly attached to component on motherboard. If attached with locking pins, remove, clean surfaces with Isopropyl alcohol and apply very small amount of heatsink compound and refit heatsink. when you powerup, check fan spinnong and check in BIOS that fan speed OK and see if temp better.

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