Decided not to go ultra cheap, will this PS/Case work?

Q6600, P35C mobo, 8800GTS 320, 4 Gigs of RAM, 1 HD/DVD drive.

This power supply: Cooler Master eXtreme Power 600 Watt Internal ATX Power Supply Unit, $50 after rebated


This case: Cooler Master Centurion 5 ATX Mid-Tower Case $30 AR

Trying to be frugal where I can while still building a pretty good machine. Is this a solid choice or am I missing the boat?

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  1. You may want to go to
    to check out compusa before you buy from
    has a good list of power supplies and their quality.
  2. I think you hit the nail right on the head with them parts, although i am wondering what mobo and ram you got?
  3. ya itll work great
  4. To SupremeLaw I appreciate the very informative post, but That case/cpu fan deal is not really a deal to me. It's 45 bucks after the rebates, then the cheapest shipping is 21 bucks, and I am in TN so I have to pay 5 bucks tax. So for a $45 combo I'm paying $70. Also I just noticed the case in my original post is now on 2-4 week backorder, so much for that I guess. To me the difference between a 10 dollar case and an $80 dollar case seems pretty negligible, but I'm new at this. Really looking for a bargain power supply/case because I'm trying to change to a 640MB GTS instead of the 320, and I don't know whether I'm going to be eligible for my university's free Vista download service. I appreciate all the responses thus far and if anyone has anymore ideas I'd love to hear them.

    My system is going to have 4GB Crucial(4x1), a Q6600 after the price drop on the 22nd, an 8800GTS, and either a GA-P35C-DS3R mobo or the GA-P35-D3SP I can't decide which is a better deal, if that information helps.
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