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CPU slowed to a crawl when ripping CD's

OK heres the new thread. Have bought a new PC 3.3 Ghz Windows 7 five days agon, when ripping on itunes the speed varies between 30 x and 2 x depending on the CD. I have ripped original CD's last year for use in the car, when I rip these to iTunes the speed is high, when I rip the original the speed slows down on some Cd's. Also the operating system slows down to a crawl even though nothing else is open. Trying to run Google or word is impossible. Have run reg fix and CCleaner so far.

At the moment ripping at 18.5. but this changes on anotehr cd to around 2. Can't figure it out..

I'm a total noob when it comes to PC's, sigh.... I'm a mainframe guy. :hello:
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    You have two issues here: The ripping speed varies a lot per CD, and when the speed is slow your PC is not responsive.

    On a new PC the ripping speed will be limited by the CD/DVD drive. CD quality varies a lot, as does the quality of your CD/DVD drive, so when you rip a CD the drive will copy data as fast as it can reliably read it. A CD that only rips on you PC at 2x might rip much faster in another drive.

    The second issue is the unresponsiveness, and I am sorry to tell you that is the result of Windows' DOS heritage, and the way a CD/DVD hardware driver interacts with the PC and Windows. When you have a CD that is hard to read, and is requiring many rereads, it slows Windows to a crawl.
  2. Thank you PhilFrisbee - looks like there isn't much I can do to rectify this. If Windows DOS is the same as IBM Dos then that explains a

    Right now the ripping speed isn't too bad around 17 since I ran registry fixes. I'll see how it goes.

    Thank you for the info though, much appreciated!
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