Will the GTX fit in a Lian Li pc a-12 case?

anyone know?
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  1. Quote:
    anyone know?

    One will fit, but just barely. The internal lay out of this case is exactly the same as the PC-65.

    Basically, the problem is the internal drive cage. It comes right up to the edge of the motherboard tray. Fortunately, it's not terribly tall. So there's just enough room for the PCB of your 8800GTX to squeeze in there.
  2. ah, thank you very much
  3. how much clearance is there; by the way- i dont suppose you could upload a pic?

    i've been thinking; if it's close, then i wont be able to fit one of those EVGAs with the massive coolers in there; and i want to see if a regular one will touch or let some room for air in there; i'm also iffy about airflow

    if you have a pic, or could link to one; can someone let me know?
  4. Here are a couple pics. Maybe they will help

    EVGA 8800GTX in a Lian Li PC65 case (same type HDD cage as the PC A-12 case). Note that right edge of the PCB extends over the drive cage. Clearance is about 1.0 inch.


    Same case. This time, the card is an Sapphire Radeon HD 2900XT. The HD 2900XT is approximately an inch shorter than the GTX. Photo gives a good idea of the clearance issue though.


    Final image: EVGA 8800GTX in a Lian Li PC-7B. This case has the same internal dimensions as your case, except the HDD cage is slightly truncated. Again, you can see that the right edge of the PCB extends over the drive cage. With this design, there's about 2.0 inches of clearnace.


    Sorry, I'm always changing my hardware around and stuff, so these photos are the best I can do. Hope they help a little.
  5. uiuiui.... This looks awfully tight to me...
  6. Hmmmm, it looks as if i turned the HD cage around i'd get some extra room
  7. Also; sorry to keep this thread alive; but i am looking at the PC- B20 now, and there seems to be just enough room to fit a GTX in there, i dont suppose anyone with a Lian Li PC B20 might be able to weigh in?
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