Black screen after bios loads?

I have windows xp professional sp2, I uninstalled Symantec Antivirus then rebooted computer. Went through bios load screen then came a black screen (no hard drive activity or nothing) and stays black with no hard drive activity or anything for about 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes I get the Windows XP loading screen then boots as normal.

Prior to me uninstalling symantec it went straight from bios screens to windows xp loading screen almost immediately. The reason I uninstalled antivirus was I wanted to try a different antivirus.

I do not receive any error messages during boot.

It seems like when I uninstalled Symantec Antivirus it changed something or possibly deleted something. Any ideas would be appreciated
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  1. system restore...

    or you can try inserting the windows disk and doing a repair. Sounds like something may have gotten messed up in the boot sector.
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