Need help overclocking an old Celeron 333

Need help overclocking an old Celeron 333 (333mhz, 66mhz bus, 128kb L2 Cache) the catch is that i dont know how i can update the bios for it because its from an old win98 computer...there HAS to be a way though...i just dont know how to do it or where to get the new bios from and then what to do after that...i have heard that along with the infamous celeron 300a, this is the next best for overclocking an old old old celeron i wanted to try it...heres a few things i scounged up...

MOBO: Intel
Model: OC44LX
Chipset: i440LX
Current BIOS String: 4O(as in O thats in the alpha. because its a zero with a dot in the middle)4CL0(as in zero)X0(again, a zero).15A.000(Zeros)8.P0(zero)4 so the name with me not explaining every darn letter is this: 4O4CL0X0.15A.0008.P04
CPU: Intel
Model: Celeron 333 Mendocino Core
MHZ: 333
BUS Speed: 66 MHZ
L2 Cache: 128 KB

thanks for any help in advance
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  1. I can't find that mobo model, are there any other numbers on the board? Is it an OEM board, i.e., is it from a 'big' name computer?
  2. i ran CPU-Z and it said it was an Intel board so idk if its OEM...its a Gateway PC bought in 1998....crap sorry i forgot a line of the model name..its O(not sure if its a zero or o as in the alpha)C44LXAA719638-10(not sure again on this character)4

    see if that helps..ive googled it but to no avail
  3. You're on a bit of a lost cause here.

    The LX series chipset ran at 66Mhz FSB. This is what you have.

    The famous 300Mhz Celeron overclock was achieved by using a BX series chipset which had jumpers on the board to select the FSB to either 66Mhz or 100Mhz.

    Selecting 100Mhz FSB instead of the correct 66Mhz meant that the chip ran at 450Mhz (100Mhz FSB x 4.5 multiplier) instead of 300Mhz (66Mhz x 4.5 multiplier).

    The Celeron 333Mhz that you own has a multiplier of 5. This meant that if ran at 100Mhz FSB, the chip tried to run at 500Mhz. If the vast majority of cases, this did not work.

    So, unfortunately you have the wrong chip and the wrong board!!

    P.S. The Celeron overclock was done with jumpers on the board, not a BIOS update. A very, very old LX series board might support P2 and not Celerons at all, which was often fixed with a BIOS updates, but that BIOS update was to support Celerons at all, it had nothing to do with the overclock trick.

    P.P.S. Should you need to update the BIOS anyway, you normally download the bios file itsself and the flash writing program, eg named something like BIOS456v2.BIN and AWDFLASH.EXE from the makers of the board. You then boot up into DOS with a Windows 98 floppy bootdisk, change to the disk with the BIOS update on and do the upgrade. Some manufacturers are better in that you download an image of a BIOS update floppy complete and ready to go, but that is mainly more modern boards. I don't think you need to upgrade your BIOS at all from what you asked.
  4. I read the date of your post twice to check that it was not a 2000 or 2001 ghost :lol:
    I have the same chip (the 333MHz Mendocino Celeron) and for the time, this thing rocked. Have tried to overclock it on my system too (the board is a PC-CHIPS and it onlt gives me two options; FSB 66 (the actual FSB) and FSB 100, at which the CPU only posts te first screen and then locks up :D
    With a good board that allows for scaling to 70, 80 and 90 MHz FSB, this chip used to OC well, up to 400-450MHz but 500MHz is very unlikely for it.
  5. Yeah, back in the day we used to try 75, 83Mhz FSBs speeds to mess around with the CPU speed for the 333 and the 300!!

    We found often that some graphics cards hated non-standard speeds like 83Mhz FSB and caused issues.

    Oh, a trip down memory lane there!!

    lol :)
  6. ha ha darn! oh well at least i finally got an answer...yes im not sure if i have jumpers on my board or not but if i do i agree that its highly unlikely it will make it past the splash screen to boot at 500mhz...thank you so much you guys for your help...ive had this post on 3 diff forums and i finally got my answers from you...its not big deal, i just thought it looked like it would be fun...ha im so glad technology has new comp has an asus mobo and has an auto overclock feature which is a million times easier and faster to use...
    THANKS A TON!!!!!!
  7. Compuvest sells old CPUs that are still brand new for like $10 or less. It's unreal. That would be funny to see how cheap you can build a computer.
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