will this monitor/tv work:

hey guys like it said in the name,

the monitor/tv im looking at is the one I have in my room, it is a 32" LCD HD TV, the code is 32LC2D and the link is:


I know it will work but im wondering should i, it will be a supreme gaming pc, powered by 8800GTX GFX . Q6600 CPU . 4GB RAM . P35 DQ6 MOBO

should i
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  1. It'll work, but you're going WAY overboard on the computer for it. It's 1333x768, a slightly wider resolution than I was using for monitors 10 years ago. Seriously, my 4 year old computer could play supreme commander and oblivion fine on that monitor. Rethink if you need to spend that much money on your computer for that resolution.
  2. Agreed.

    The good news is that the 8800GTX can literally last you several years playing at 1366 x 768 resolution.

    It should last you until DX10 games become obsolete.
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