Wireless print server to wireless router problems!

I am trying to reconect my wireless printserver to my wireless router, it was working earlier today, I was trying to connect an addition printserver to the network and the 1st printserver stopped working. I never got the second on to work. So I trying to go through the steps to reconfigure the 1st printserver, tried 10 times no go. Any one have ideas to help me.

Hardware: Linksys wireless router

trying to connect linksys wireless printserver G to a printer.

3 laptops in the office trying to work from 1 printer. As I said it was working before and then nothing. Always come up with "connection failed" even though it does pick up the network router. Please help, my office is depending on me......yikes!
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  1. Ok, I do not know specifics about your printer server or router but here is how I will trouble-shoot.

    Go to Admin page of your wireless router (http://<router ip>) and enter credentials (google for defaults if needed). Somewhere, it should have info about connected devices. See if both of your print servers are there by means of presence of their MAC addresses. They need to be there. Once they are there, you can try pinging them from one of your laptops.

    If they are not there, try adjusting the distance between router and print servers. Remember that too close is not the best distance; 10 feet should be ok. If still doesn't work, try reboot the router, then reboot the print servers after about 5-10 mins
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