tried installing over and over..usb adapter won't connect! help

i reinstalled xp,sp2 etc etc and the usb wireless adapter won't connect, 1st time it did it work etc today i turned it on and it won't work so instead of installing again with its soft. i just installed the drivers and it got them yet it can't get pass the "acquering network add." part ! any suggestion? i went to the device manager etc etc nada... its a linksys usb works on other pc but not the one i want it for ...i found 2 drivers only tried both only one works but still thts the one i am stuck with !
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  1. Are you following the installation instructions to the letter -- most devices require the driver/install program to be run before inserting the USB for the first time.

    Thereafter it is advisable to always run Windows' Remove Safely routine (small icon on taskbar) before pulling the thing out.
  2. YES, I HAVE DONE IT, IT SAYS INSERT ETC AT A CERTAIN POINT BUT AFTER TOday it won't work and even after reinstalling it it won't work it even slows done/kinda like freezes the pc until i unplug the pc goes back to normal even the software it uses and even the xp wireless own software slow down when its plugged in now...any idea why?my pc has a pci adapter so im thinking on telling the person to get a pci one ...
  3. It sounds like a hardware problem -- check that your USB port is okay by trying other USB devices and Device Manager to see that the USB drivers are loaded and working. If that all checks out, leaves the USB wireless adapter as a possible suspect.

    Generally a switch to PCI wireless adapter would be advisable because they seem to offer better reception (possibly because of the external antenna, perhaps because they can draw more current).
  4. well the usb driver i couldn't find for the mobo i found them from the website but there for 98. didn't install but everything else works
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