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Does anyone know if there is a compatibility issue between using the NWlinkIPX/SPX protocol on a Win 2000 machine and using the IPX/SPX protocol on a Win 98 machine. I am setting up a wireless network and am trying to get these two machines to see each other at the same time. I started with TCP/IP but haven't had much success (gave each a manual address). The IPX protocol worked great between the two Win 98 machines but when I tried to add a third machine with Win 2000 it screwed it up. I thought it may have something to do with the NWlinkIPX being different than the standard IPX. My workgroups are the same and we are logging in with the same user name and password and have different names for each computer station.

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  1. There should not be a problem NWlinkIPX/SPX on 2K computer. Is this for a home network? If so why don't you try NetBEUI Protocol? Are you getting any error messages?

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  2. The protocols are compatible between OS versions. Honestly, TCP/IP is the way to go. It's faster than both the others. I run NWlink at work only because we have a couple legacy netware servers I need to see sometimes. If you ever want to share an internet connection you'll need the TCP stack installed anyway.
    So long as each has a unique IP (use a nice generic 192.168.x.x) and the right subnet mask it should work. They should all be on the same subnet as well, the 1st 3 numbers of the IP should all be the same, only the last number should be different. The mask should be If you already knew all that, sorry.
    But the answer to your main question is, yes, your setup should work the way it is anyway. Check and make sure the 2K box doesn't have something entered as it's default tree, or that it's the same as the other two.
  3. For file and print sharing on a home network you can't beat netbeui. It has NOTHING to configure, it can't be routed so you don't have to worry about security across the internet. If you are having problems, try isn't possible to screw it up.

    If you must use nwlink ipx/spx, make sure your frame type (802.2 etc) is the same on all machines.

    If you use TCP/IP just on a local network you just need IP addy's, not a gateway or subnet mask.

    I actually use TCP/IP for internet access and sever the bindings to file and print sharing. I then use netbeui for these functions.
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