What is cloud Computing?

what is cloud computing and what is it used for and is it good or bad
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  1. In summary, Cloud computing is a method where computing operations are done over at the server(corporation/organization) instead on the client machine(you).

    A good example would be some of Google office apps that runs off their servers for us. Some of their apps can be executed completely on google chrome web browser.

    They are advantages as well as disadvantages to this method. Firstly, the users do not have to be concerned about losing their data, as they are stored in the server. In addition, the users can work on their data anywhere they like and on any computer as their data can be fetch from the server easily.

    The downside is if there is a net failure, the user's work would be delayed.
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  3. The cloud isn't good or bad, but it should be understood. Not all clouds are equal either. Some are run better than others, and some are planned better than others. Sometimes clouds can fail due to poor planning.
  4. cloud computer rely on the Internet, if your network is too bad, that's really horrible. I prefer to common computer.
  5. There isn't a standard definition of cloud computing that is used by all service providers, but all definitions of cloud computing will include variations on the following three criteria:

    * Multi-tenant - Multi-tenant or shared infrastructure means that multiple companies, departments of a business, or user groups can all use these resources at the same time.
    * On demand usage - On demand or scalable usage is another way of saying that you only pay for what you use. If you have 5 users on a service one month, then you only pay for 5. If the next month you have 10, then you pay for 10 that month etc. Another way a cloud service can be scalable is by specific resources.
    Accessible through the Internet - As the Internet grows in both speeds and consistency, more and more businesses are relying on mission critical applications and data that they access through the Internet. This is another key item which defines something as a cloud-based service.

    In a true cloud-based computing model, end users may actually not even know where their data resides, as long as they know how to access it, that's all that matters.
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    rajamiah123 said:
    what is cloud computing and what is it used for and is it good or bad
  6. Cloud computing is using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to manage, store and process data, relatively than a personal computer or a local server. Cloud computing has been credited with growing competitiveness through cost reduction, elasticity, greater flexibility and optimal resource utilization.
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