Extension cord safe for PSU/case?

Is it safe to use an extension cord to power a desktop PC/PSU (Antec 500W Earthwatts PSU). I need to power the computer from an AC outlet on a separate circuit so I dont keep tripping the breaker in this (poorly wired) apartment.

Should I use a heavy guage extension cord (i.e. for airconditioners)? What guage and maximal length is safe ?
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  1. The Longer the Cord, the more internal resistance, the less voltage that reaches your power supply, the harder it has to work to keep up. for a short distance (1-5 ft) a standard 14/3 should work. For Every increase of 15 ft, increase the wire by a gauge size. 5 to 20 ft should be 12 gauge. 20 to 35 ft should be 10 gauge. You will have to go to an electrical supply house to find any bigger than 10 gauge. And yes, I know that they sell 100 ft extension cords that are 12/3, but ask yourself this, why do they get so damned hot????????

    Hope this gives you some insight.
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