Which budget Graphics card to buy?

I'm looking for a cheapish (up to about £100 Max) graphics card to go with a PC i'm planning to build with the following spec:

Intel Celeron D 356 (3.33GHz)
MSI PT890 Neo-V Motherboard
1GB or 2 GB(2x1GB) of DDR2 4200 RAM

I plan to be playing old games Quake 3 engine and below at full quality at 800x600 Resolution, and newer games (Like GRAW, CoD2 or Fear) at medium to low quality at 800x600.

What Graphics card should I get to do this?

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  1. maybe an nvidia 7600GT, only hitch is that you might need a new psu. If you don't want a new psu a 7300GT might be able to run on your current one while still providing decent performance at those resolutions.
  2. well the x1950pro is around the £100 range...and with that u can almost max out cod2 and fear (90 here: http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/119203).

    I think the x1950GT is slightly cheaper around the 85 range (but more power hungry and not as good, but good enough). 7900GS by nvidia is also around the 70-100 range and just as good. (found one for 75: http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/121108)

    if not then the there is always the 1650XT, or 7600GT

    all of this depends on your psu aswell though. so let us know what ur psu is.
  3. Ah, just realised I missed some things out.

    I will also need a VGA out port, and the card needs to be PCI-e.

    Thanks for the replies, I'm checking them out now.
  4. cards that have only have DVI-out come with DVI to VGA adaptors so it's not a worry
  5. No worries about getting the VGA port, you can use any card your system can handle, just get one of these:


    I use one for my dual monitor setup and have had no problems.
  6. Find the extra £4.99 and get http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/119441

    what PSU do you have
  7. Atm I'm just getting ready to buy parts. so i can get whichever PSU I require for the parts.

    What kind of difference in FPS/Quality is there between the X1950Pro and XT models?
  8. quality between the pro and xt are identical, just the xt is about 30% faster
  9. Problem with getting the XT is that he will be more than likely cpu limited, it may be in his better interest to get the Pro and save money since his cpu would hold him back anyway.
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