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Hi I've been getting the BSOD seemingly caused by 'ntkrnlpa.exe could anyone recommend any driver software? There seems to be a lot out there that misinforms you of which drivers actually need updating! just so that you purchase their product.

My OS is Vista & all updates are installed. Is there any free software out there?

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  1. Cheers..................
  2. Update drivers through your oem supplier or mobo maker website.
    Or here if your pc is Intel based.
    And as Swapnil99pro mentioned your bsod is a vista system error.
    run repair utility
    or cmd prompt sfc/scannow as admin
  3. I agree with the option to upgrade the drivers yourself!
  4. Hello I'm also looking for a driver updater to update my PC's drivers regularly, that's why I looked into this forum (In fact, I think I posted this back then to other thread in this forum but I did not receive a reply) Ahm, I checked out Driver Max and it's interesting but I also came across with a popular tool for updating drivers: Driver Detective -- http://www.driverdetectiveregistrationkey.com/ I want to try out this program out of it's positive reviews but I want to know which is better for me. Ahm, any feedback guys? thanks in advance. I just wan to know what are my options.
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