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A few hours ago on my vista laptop Hp dv5, as I was turning off the computer I had the option to update the system on the turn off button in the start menu in the right down corner. Later when the updates were done and that the computer had shut down and that I tried to boot up, it would try to run a disk check and would end up trying to recover some files. It was just a black screen with lots of lines just scrolling down looking to recover some files. However, once I began to see the same lines over and over, I thought that the computer was just bugging so I had to turn off the computer the hard way when pressing the start button for a few seconds.

Later when restarting, it would try to check the disk again and the same bugging would occur, so I tried to pass the disk check (it was possible when pressing any button) it would show the options to boot normally, so I pressed it. Later, the screen went blank first (yellowish) and then blue and I would get an error and a STOP: 0x000000F4 error. And since then, I can't boot the computer. I tried to go in safe mode with the command prompt for a system restore and in normal safe mode but it would stuck at please wait (when all the things are loaded on a black background). Do I need to wait more or anything? And what is this error, is it related to the updates which I don't know what they were?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi.. I am newbie and had cleared a good doubts here.thanks and keep sharing.

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