AGP UPGRADE; is it worth the money?

is it really worth upgrading a 6600 256mb AGP to a 7600 GT 256mb AGP?
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  1. No! Save the money for you next system. The cost of the 7600 GT for AGP will land you an even better PCI-E card. So save the money.
  2. hmmmmmmmmm
  3. It depends on the rest of your PC, if you have a socket 939 or 775 CPU then I would replace the motherboard to PCI express, see for details...

    edit - socket 478 also have PCI-e options
  4. mobo

    so worth it?
  5. I would upgrade the mobo to this first... It will work with all your current kit..

    Then you have an upgrade path to PCI express, and Core 2 Duo when you need
  6. Depends what you expect.

    A 7600 GT will give you a big boost in many games over the 6600 GT... and might even pet you play many games at 1280x1024. However, if you plan to play next-gen titles at high res and full detail, think again.

    A $180-ish X1950 PRO would make more of a difference, but you might be better off investing in a PCIe Core2 Duo system at this point...
  7. Cleeve - I didn't see any 'GT' after the 6600 ;)
  8. ooops sorry guys. wrong mobo specs

    here you go:

    this mobo
  9. R U sure that is the right link? It takes me to a MSI board with AGP.
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