Doubled internet bandwidth, but gaming ping remains the same.

Hi, I use Embarq internet (Sprint, I believe), and just a few hours ago, I updated my 1.5M DSL to 3.0M DSL. This is great-- now my download rate hits 250kb/s rather then 125kb/s then it used to. However, my ping whilst playing CSS remains the same. It is still ~120. This sucks, because a lot of times I will get kicked because of my "high" ping. However, I noticed the "choke" is lower now. Can someone explain what choke is, and why my ping did not go down?
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  1. bandwidth has nothing to do with ping. Its like the difference between sending a small package through UPS or a package twice as big through UPS. You can get more stuff there with the big box, but still takes the same amount of time to get there.
  2. soo... what do I have to do to get better ping?
  3. doomsdaydave11 said:
    soo... what do I have to do to get better ping?

    Choose a server closer to your actual location.
  4. LVDAX said:
    Choose a server closer to your actual location.

    I play on my clan's servers :'(
  5. Try posting on,sprn since some Embarq techs hang out there.

  6. thanks bro, i'll check it out.
  7. LVDAX said:
    Choose a server closer to your actual location.
  8. Hello doomsdaydave11,

    This is a message from Lamont with Embarq Customer Support. I see you had a concern about your ping rates. I want to explain that the ping rate will not change based on the bandwidth that you are subscribed to. There are several factors that can determine your ping rate, the game server you are connecting to, one of the servers in route to the game server, a problem on our side of the network, etc. Embarq utilizes multiple backbone providers. In general, any latency found via trace-routes on the Embarq side of the network consistently over 300 MS should be reported to our technical support. Embarq considers 300 MS latency as acceptable. Please do some trace routes to your game server so we may determine if the latency is occurring on our Embarq network. You can call our technical support for further troubleshooting, or provide me with your phone number in an email and I can do more research to see if there are any other options we can try to improve your latency. We are working hard to reach out to our customers that are not completely satisfied with our service and striving to improve our service with your help. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you.

    Lamont L.
    Embarq Customer Support
    For additional support please visit or call 1-877-646-3282
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  9. well, doomsdaydave11, seems like you have a stalker.

    if you ping that much, it will be seen as flooding to some servers. Doesn't css have ping settings?
  10. Thank you for your support. It would seem that my ping did go down slightly with the upgrade-- more then it did the first day. My ping is now ~20 more then usual, which is acceptable, as download rates, etc are now significantly faster.
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