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Has anyone managed to get a Q6600 to 3ghz by putting the FSB up to 333 or more on air cooling? Im planning on getting one with a antec 900 case and a great zalman cooler, im just wondering if its possible, I dont mind increasing voltage.
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  1. Yes it is possible on air but you'll probably need a better cooler than the Zalman. Look for posts by graysky, he has Q6600 clocked to around 3 Ghz. He uses a thermalright 120 ultra and has lapped both heatsink and IHS on the CPU. There's a sticky about it detailing temps he got.


    They're at the top here: http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/Cooler-and-Heatsinks-forum-51.html
  2. Thanks.
  3. have a look at xtremesystems they have done loads of Qx6600 OCing on the p35 boards and had some very good results
  4. Nice results but I probably wont be laping my Zalman and Q6600 :)
  5. Quote:
    Nice results but I probably wont be laping my Zalman and Q6600 :)

    Sounds a bit risky...
  6. Lapping risky? Not if you're careful and take your time. It's the biggest bang-for-your-buck mod to enhance your cooling potential, and it's cheap. I think lapping my Q6600 and lapping my Ultra-120 Extreme only cost me around $20 for sandpaper and an 8x10 picture glass from Home Depot.
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