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I am currently running XP, but my computer is really slowing down. I have an unregistered copy, but I want to completely wipe it out and start from scratch. I want to stay with XP but am confused on which one to buy. Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3 OEM Version is what i was looking at, but read some where not to get the OEM.
Thanks for any help.
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    OEM copies simply have different licensing terms, which state that you cannot transfer that copy of Windows to another machine (Microsoft defines a single computer most heavily by it's motherboard). If you upgrade the motherboard in the computer, you are then required to buy a new license for your desired version of Windows. With retail, you can move your copy from computer to computer, but as always, you may only have it installed on one machine at a time.
  2. Unless your computer is really old, you'd be better off buying Windows 7 if you're going to purchase Windows at this point in time.
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