Help! Boot Disk Failure.

After post, the computer displays a message that says,
"Boot disk failure, insert system disk and press enter."

I'm at a loss as to why this is happening.
I got everything in the BIOS set correctly
and this computer will not boot from the CDROM.

Could it be a jumper problem.
The hard drive has it's jumper set to cable select.

The cable itself is the round kind and plug in the middle
of the cable is labled "Slave". That is what was plugged
into the hard drive.

Any ideas?
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  1. Put the HDD on the master or just put a jumper. Try with another calbe. Does the HDD spin up when you turn the pc on. If not, that`s bad.
  2. Disable overclocking then try again.
  3. you dont have a floppy inserted do you? i know its sounds stupid, but it did happen to me once.
  4. Is this a new build? What CD are you trying to boot from? Has the HD got an OS installed? Is the CDROM the first boot device? If you go into BIOS does the HD show?

  5. you can only use "Cable Select" or "CS" if you have a 80pin IDE cable. I would suggest you use Master instead just in case.
  6. Changing the jumper on the hard drive from "cable select" to "master" fixed the problem.
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