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Hi Guys,

Just done a clean install of a win xp system due to freezes and bsod's, after the install the performance is very poor, all the drivers are up to date, memtest has ran for 27 hours with no errors & i have also ran seatools for dos on a quick test with no errors, even connecting to a network via a lan cable is shocking and sometimes wont connect. any ideas?

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  1. its not disk indexing im afraid
  2. whats ur system specs?
  3. Could be the hard drive itself? I've seen many drives slow a system down simply because their I/O rates had dropped considerably. No bad sectors or anything... they were simply reading and writing at half the speed they should have been.
  4. Check your motherboard for bulging or leaking capacitors. Your power supply could be suspect too.
  5. whats thesystem specs? if you have under 256mb ram and a 900mhz cpu xp will run super slowly.
  6. Hey can anyone help me. I have a virus. downloaded Avira free anti-virus, but the virus will not let me install it, the virus wont let me run any anti virus software, what do I do?! I have a Vista computer, if I buy an XP install disk, will the virus go away? Please help me!!!
  7. Boot into safe mode with networking (f8 on startup). Download, install, and update malwarebytes (free). Do a full system scan.
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