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When I click on the IE icon nothing happens. No error message no icon at bottom right hand side. Wifi seems fine but cannot connect to Internet. At least nothing appears on screen. Clicking on Mozilla is the same.
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  1. Try to go into the start menu and start it.
    It may be that the shorcut that you are using is having trouble.
  2. Still no luck. Looks terminal. Egg timer shows for a few seconds then that's it; Cannot reload Netgear disc. Tried reloading IE default parameters but when clicking on "connexions" nothing.
  3. Sounds like a virus or other malware.
  4. OK but now what? Other symptoms are : Excel and Word work fine. Some applications ok but clicking on others does nothing eg Iobit. Unable to acess system/ network diagnostics. IE shows timer for a few seconds then stops.
    Any help appreciated
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