Wifi laptop stealing bandwidth??

Hi guys, Ive got a little problem here and hope someone could help me out with this. Heres the situation: I share 8meg adsl with my flatmate, everything works fine to the point when he gets online. Lets say Im DL-ing at 800kB/s and hes not home, he comes back, switches his machine on and goes online give it few minutes and Ill be down to pathetic 5-8kB/s!! Sometimes even the websites wont open. Is there any way to split the bandwidth between us without resorting to use netlimiter or something like that on his machine? My router doesnt support QoS if that matters. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. This sort of query is quite common on networking forums and as I recall the usual response is that you have to resort to negotiating personally with the other user.

    It would be interesting to know if he has the same problem when you are downloading. If so I think I would check that you really are getting the speed claimed by your ISP.
  2. Well i guess speed from our ISP is not important here. Like i said when im downloading and he starts as well, quickly he will be "qiven" 99% of the bandwidth, like his wireless card had some sort of priority over my ethernet card. Whenever someone comes around with wireless laptop the wont have any problems, its always my machine. I guess ill try going wireless, maybe my router is damaged in some way and causes this. Thanks anyway
  3. depending on your router, i would look into alternative firmwares such at tomatoo or dd-wrt as with these you can designate the bandwidth between the two of you. if not, have him set his connection limits to 1/2 your minimum bandwidth
  4. Tell your friend to stop downloading a crap load of torrents?
  5. swap your wireless cards? then you have the fastest, since you download the most....
  6. Im out of ideas :/ Like it wasnt bad enough another guy moved in with another w/less laptop. Connection for me is totally dead now, i can hardly open this forum page, takes about 20 seconds. And I upgraded the connection to 16Mbit for cryin out loud! Or maybe, since I use cable, I should just switch wireless off, change admin password and tell others to piss off? Im really close to doing that if I wont find another way soon
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