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Samsung Kies (v2.0.3.11082_152) is using 185872K of memory (WinXP machine with 2GB RAM). I have excluded Kies.exe from Microsoft Security Essentials scan process, but still facing this memory squeeze! Advice please.
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  1. On my machine (14GB or RAM) it uses a whopping 697,716K. What is worse, it take ages to run. I plug in my phone and Samsung Kies starts up... and then I wait. I can actually see it increasing in size in the Windows Task Manager (Processes, sorted by Memory). It loads at about 1MB per second, using only 13% of my CPU). You can do the math... it is agonizingly slow to load. What is the deal with this huge amount of memory. No other software comes even close regarding memory usage... it is stupid. I appears, when I compare mine to yours, that the more RAM you have on your PC, the more RAM KIES use. But have you also noticed that it is not only Kies that uses a lot of memory... it also makes use of DeviceDataServices.exe, using another 279,048K of RAM. The total on my system is almost 1GB of RAM for a single App.
  2. I recently updated to this will check it out and let you guys know. But all i can confirm is that mine does not take ages to load!
  3. That would be great. I have a Dell XPS laptop - Core i7 processor, 14GB Ram running Windows 7 Professional.
  4. Yeah DeviceDataervice.exe too is a memory hog. If this is of any help, in Windows Task Manager, if you set the priority of Kies.exe process to run in 'Realtime' (right click Kies.exe>Set Priority>Realtime) then it loads up immediately though it doesn't do much about the memory hog...i still need answer to that!!!
  5. Notice that the more RAM memory a program uses the faster it should run, because it will not be necessary to fetch much data from hard disk. In my PC (3GiB of memory) Kies.exe is using 128kiB of memory, but this is not a problem at all because there are still lots of memory left, the real problem is that "CPU time usage" for Kies.exe is too high, around 45% in my PC. This slows down all other programs.
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