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AV/Malware Combo for Gamer

I currently use NOD32 and Malwarebytes but I was wondering if there was a better setup for a gamer/enthusiast specifically?

Just looking for lowest impact on performance and non intrusive security.
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    Gdata or Kaspersky or Bit Defender are 3 kings.
    Do Antivirus Suites Impact Your PC's Performance?

    Do Antivirus Suites Impact Your PC's Performance?

    Some comparison
  2. Thanks for the info, also would it be harmful to my SSD to scan one or twice a month?
  3. No problem for SSD.

    Here is The SSD Optimization Guide, everything u need to know to get the best performance!
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I already tweaked my SSD using that guide too :D
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  6. SSD is the best thing to do to get the performance up, right after good CPU upgrade : )

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