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hi there, hope anyone can help me in this one..

i have an HDSL connection @ work and evrything is great but our work is internet essential so i cant handle 1 minute without having internet connection, so i got another connection 256 cable connection, its not much but u can still do your work in case the HDSL is disconnected..

im using ISA 2006 as a proxy to monitor the traffic and set access rules and there is no domain just a workgroup.. now here's my problem!!!! how can i make ISA 2006 take 2 independent connections so that when one them is disconnected the other is available directly, is ISA capable of doing that...

and can i assign a different connection on every PC.. for example i need the general manager to have HDSL conection cz of its high speed and some employees the normal cable connection since we r limited to 8 GB per month using HDSL..

plz any assistance is appreciated... thanx...
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  1. Well, i did it long ago when working in a ISP. The catch is, that "service" wasnt made by software. it was a nifty router that we could plug in several "web" connections and afterwards limit the bandwidth per IP or per node.

    ISA 2006, wth are you using that ? Contact M$ for it mate. I just know make it yourself solutions mate :(

    And why isnt there a domain ? Hope i helped, even if i made more questions than i replied to.
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