Fixing vista system failure with windows 7 disk

When I turn on my laptop I get a message.
Smart failure predicted on hard disk 2:roplem w/o a windows vista disk ST9800811AS-(S1)
Warning:Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive.a failure may be imminent
to restart
How can I fix this p
press F1 to continue
I press F1 and this message apppears
boot mgr missing press ctrl-alt-del
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  1. Basically, it's telling you that you need to back up all of your data because it's picking up that it thinks your hard drive is about to fail.

    That will give you a bit more information. I personally have cd's that will allow me to boot into a linux desktop from cd. You should consider seeing if anyone you know has any disks like that and can use it to recover the data. But your best bet is to replace the hard drive, then if you have a recovery disc, reload the operating system. After that's done, you can also purchase adapters cheaply that will allow you to hook the old hard drive to your computer and pull any data you need.

    However, DO NOT use the computer until you replace the drive. The more you attempt to use it, the less likely you will be able to recover data when the drive fails.
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