Help, windows is in another language...

So i've been a dedicated Linux user since windows 98 wiped everything i own, it's bad enough i have to use it for work sometimes, but this time it's in dutch, so i doubly don't know what i'm doing.

Could someone please walk me through how to change the system back to english? I presume it's a setting in control panel somewhere, i've managed to find the bit where you change the keyboard layout and such, but that's not changing the error/system messages back into english.

(or is it even possible to change the system back into english? or do you have to pay for a new version for a new language? afaik this was created using a standard clone setup, the box actually has a windows7 sticker, but thankfully it's xp inside. or do i need to be admin to change the language? (unfortunately, this pc took weeks of requests to get, asking you guys will definitely be faster than asking the IT department to do anything))
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