Suggestion for a Stable Wireless B/G PCMCIA Card for Win 2000

Hi there,

Just wondered if anybody could suggest a PCMCIA wireless B/G laptop card they know will definitely work well in Windows 2000.

There are plenty advertised as compatible, however I have read many negative comments about anything pre-XP because of having to use the bundled software.

In terms of features, 64-bit WEP is a minimum and if possible WPA would be a great!

I was also trying to keep the price below £20 :)

I have a couple of old 3Com cards and they are absolutely useless, been playing for hours and nothing :-S

Thanks for any suggestions!
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  1. Have a look at the Netgear site for details of WG511 downloads which will hopefully include Win2k drivers and details of the encryption standards.

    I use a couple of WG511 (with XP admittedly) and they seem reliable. The supplied utilities are excellent (though memory heavy compared with letting Windows manage the connection).

    My only other experience with PCMCIA wireless cards was with Cisco and Belkin models and neither worked as well software wise and the support was not as good as Netgear's.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I finally went with one by Zyxel as it was the only one I couldn't find any negative comments about the bundled software. It supports all the encryption standards you can throw at it. It works a treat and even says 'designed for windows 2000 and xp' on the card.

    Absolute bargain.
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