Transferring os to new hard drive

I have an old Hard drive with Windows XP. It came from a HP pavilion
1. Can I install it into a older Gateway or a eMachine.
2. I am the original owner and I would like to keep XP but in another machine it this possible and will I have any problems from Microsoft's "Genuine Check"
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  1. Don't know about that but it won't boot unless the hard drive controllers are the same.
  2. Thank you can I delete the HD controlers before I take it out of the first computer?
  3. No, you will need to do a Repair Installation of Windows in the new computer.
  4. This is not necessarily the best solution even though a repair would reinstall drivers I have attempted this quite few times and eventually things begin to conflict.
    If you have your WinXP Disk I would back up your data on a Jump Drive or other means of storage then do a clean install after a format.
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