Release Dates: X38 (Bearlake) and SATA II? Anyone know?

I'm waiting for the X38 to come out. I keep hearing that the ship date was pushed earlier from the 27th to the 9th. I have no idea what month though. Anyone know?

I have all this money and I'm just waiting for PCI-e having two cards in SLI, both at x16 would be AWESOME.

Secondly, when is SATA-II coming out? Anyone know? Will it be added to X38 boards?

Thanks in advance!
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  2. I tried that. I wouldn't have came here if I didn't. There really isn't much info out there, so I came here to see if other people know.
  3. And we get information... How?

    Do you think that an intel person is going to put their job on the line by leaking info? They'd never work in the industry again.
  4. Wow, I simply ask for information that is out there, but very hard to find. I can't find any information on it, but there could be users out there who actually DO have information on it.

    Croc, with all due respect, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. This is one of my first threads, and already my thread has people with smart ass answers.

    For future reference, if you're about to hit the "REPLY" button with a smartass answer, please save everyone's time and move along. I know the information is out there, I just haven't been in "the scene" for awhile, but have seen some fragmented information about this X38 and SATA-II out there, just wondering if anyone has some real information.

    And no, I'm not asking for "insider info". Just information already out there. If no one has any information, then I expect my thread to remain with no replies. I'd rather have that, than a post from an asshat.
  5. Ok, I'll be polite. SATA 3.0 (which you are incorrectly calling SATA ii) has been out for yonks. A simple google search would have found that wee bit of information.
  6. I guess SATA 3.0 is the 300MB/sec thing, right?
  7. Yes. and a quick search on this website (let alone google) would have told you that outside of some older MB implementations, sata 1.5 cannot be flooded with existing hardware, making the sata3.0 implementation relatively superfluous at the moment. As long as the MB implements ncq (and there's some doubt about this technology's effectiveness) then the chance of outrunning any sata implementation are nil.

    Don't be lazy. Take some time and do some research before you ask for information. (And pray that you don't run across strangestranger with this kind of request.)
  8. I had been trying to figure out the release also. Everywhere I look it is just rumored.

    Some places say w/ the July 22 price drop/new chip release (though I doubt it) and many others expect Q4 07 (September or later) or early Q1 08 (January or so).

    I was going to try to wait for the PCI 2.0, unlocked multipliers, etc, but now am going with the 680i board instead. I figure I could wait forever if I keep trying to get the next big thing.

    You can find some info about the x38 by searching google and plowing through many results, but not a ton, and very little of it has any specifics about a release (I keep checking too).

    Hope this helps a bit
  9. croc said:
    Ok, I'll be polite. SATA 3.0 (which you are incorrectly calling SATA ii) has been out for yonks. A simple google search would have found that wee bit of information.

    The current SATA spec is 2.6, not 3.0. In addition, SATA II doesn't mean 3Gbps. Here's the real story... ure/spec_download.asp
  10. is it definite that x38 will support SLI? i thought it was still unknown.
  11. X38 is supposed to have Crossfire support, not Sli support, while there are rumors that it will support Sli that is high unlikely, hacked drivers would be the cup of the day in order for that to work.
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