Norton gone wierd after system restore [still need answer]

I just uninstalled norton from my computer. After starting to restart from the norton uninstaller, an error message that said something about norton popped up and the computer shut down before I was able to read it. After I booted up again, I restored the system to an earlier uninstalling of another program that I uninstalled that day. One thing to not was that no system restore point was made to the norton uninstall. system restore gets done and I of course find norton as anyone would expect. I try to launch the uninstaller but nothing shows up when I try to launch it.

Can anyone explain why norton will not launch and if something has gone wrong with the system restore and if I should undo it? Please give answers that are about the subject.
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  1. Is system restore still running?Uninstall Norton with free Revo uninstaller and reinstall it!

    Probably won't run because it is now corrupted

  2. yea, I am guessing that too, but how was it corrupted and should I be worried about other stuff being corrupted as well? system restore was done by the time I tried to uninstall again, system restore reboots the pc so I had to. Should I try to cancel the system restore or will I ruin the pc even more?
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