Is there a 64 bit driver for the canon bjc-50 printer

Can anyone tell me if there is a 64bit driver for the Canon BJC-50 printer. Or if there is a compatible one. Cheers,
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  1. Canon only list Win 95 & 98, so I would say no. It's about time it was retired, it must be 10 years old.
  2. Yeah I know she is a bit old but you would think that when 64 bit technology came about then Canon would assist its loyal customers by producing a driver for their product, it would save on the landfill solution. By the way I have found out that Canon are not interested in my case and they do not have any plans to make a driver for the BJC-50 printer. Thanks for your reply Jonmor68. Cheers.
  3. Do a search on the web. There are posts there that describe 2 alternatives:

    1. With the computer connected to the Internet, and the printer connected to the computer, Windows 7 will obtain a driver and install it in Windows via a Windows Update.

    2. Another poster referred to using an old Epson driver for the BJC printer; apparently Epson HAS updated their drivers, and the BJC emulates a family of these old Epson printers and the drivers are useable. This information is found in the service manual, which is widely available on the net in pdf format. I believe it's called "BJC-55 Service Manual".

    3. If the printer installs with the USB-parallel adapter but does not print, open printers from the control panel, right click on the printer icon and get Windows to obtain a driver for it. It then installs & is recognized.

    These are not properly descriptive procedures (above) but if you Google the issue they are there somewhere. One of the posters refers to using it in a 32-bit and a 64-bit environment.
  4. I CAN count to 3... (alternatives)
  5. Thanks heaps crocodile_don. I will give it a go, but first I have to find the old printer in my shed, as I had given up hope. I will let you know how I go. Thanks again mate.
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