How do I view the volume control...?

SndVol32.exe will not show up for the life of me. I can control the master volume by clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray but when I double-click it (or run sndvol32.exe manually) it does not come up. I can see that it is running in the task bar it is nowhere on screen. The only thing I can do is right-click it to close.

I suspect this happened when I went from a two monitor system to a single monitor setup and uninstalled the other video card. My theory is that the volume control app is showing up on the phantom monitor, sort of like how an itch will sometimes show up on the phantom limb of an amputee.

I really need to turn down my mic level and turn up my wave volume up but I can't get to the volume UI!
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  1. Control Panel>sound. Also, try reinstalling the sound driver for any kind of sound software panel which may be available.
  2. Well obviously I went to the control panel before I started messing around with command prompt stuff. Anyway, I disabled the sound device in Device Manager and popped in a new one. I actually was just doing this to get away from my onboard sound which created low level sound artifacts when opening apps, or moving windows around... I installed a Creative sound card and in the process restored the window position of sndvol32. Hooray!
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