Dual NICs in Vista = problematic

Hey dudes.

Basically, I have 2 NICs, running Vista Ultimate 32bit.

I need a way to force windows to use one of the NICs for internet stuff (Firefox, IE), without disabling the other NIC (I need it for a LAN).

Windows keeps defaulting to the wrong NIC, but when I disable that NIC, it goes to the correct one.
I'd like to keep both enabled.

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  1. is each nic on a serperate network? 192.168.1.x and maybe 192.168.0.x
    on the non internet side dont set a default gateway/dns.
    Why do you need two network connections? Why not just do everything through the lan?
  2. each nic is on a seperate network.

    the second nic is virtual, to connect to a lan far far away. i need both.
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