Changing motherboards for Vista 64.

This is the first time that I'm switching out my motherboard. I've never done this before and wanted to know if there are any tips or things that I should be aware of.

I used to be on Intel and had done a clean install of windows vista 64 when I put that computer together. Now that I'm upgrading, I've switched over to AMD. Will it be as easy as just switching the mobo out and booting up. Or will I need to do a clean install again? Any tips would be great, thank you.
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  2. 4Ryan6 said:

    wow thanks...i'm going to do exactly as you recommended. i've been dreading this moment but i'm upgrading from a duo core 2.5 ghz to a phenom II 965 and from 4770 to gtx 460 so i need to suck it up. Thanks again.
  3. I don't see the reason to risk installation errors. I save all my program installers in a separate folder, as well as anything else that's worth keeping, and toss it on my 1 terabyte external. Then I wipe my hard drive squeaky clean. Then I install a clean version of whatever os. Thats me though. I'm not afraid to start fresh.
  4. I'm actually going to just reformat the partition that the OS is on and do a fresh install.
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